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the act of separating grain from chaff

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Wet sifting is the best method for finding diamonds.
Tenders are invited for sand, gravel, sifting gravel (08.
Pan had spent the whole day literally sifting the dirt we hauled home from the county landfill.
the City of New York, submitted by Eric Beck, a construction worker hired in October 2001 by Taylor Recycling Facility to supervise sifting machines at Fresh Kills Landfill.
Powdered sugar, for sifting on top of baked muffins (optional)
has designed the Centrifugal Sifter for high capacity sifting and large process applications.
Detecting especially mentions solid advice for discerning whether a person will be a compatible and trustworthy mate (hint: if he won't give you verifiable details about his address, phone number, family, or job he's probably a con man or worse) but also applies to sifting through lies, manipulative dogma, and half-truths in every aspect of life.
The New York Times reported: "In canvassing federal agencies, the [GAO] found that 52 were systematically sifting through computer data bases.
All 10 were present during sifting of dirt through screens on June 19; symptoms began 9-12 days later (median 10).
This is handy as you can hold the sifter easily on the tub, sifting whatever you are sifting into it without getting it all over, whether it be dirt or cornmeal.
Together the judges sat for almost two hours, sifting through artwork.
As Neff and Grayson started sifting through their charred and soot-stained possessions, Missoula investigators started sifting through evidence, speculation, and suspicion.
Employees waste work time sifting through dozens of unsolicited e-mails every day.