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a household sieve (as for flour)

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The company's sifters and tables have been sold to the market for more than 15 years.
Just depends on your druthers at that time, and how soon you want the sifter.
The set includes a sifter and bowl, beater, muffin tray, knife, spatula, and cookie tray Longer handles may be added to the muffin tray and cookie cutter by using plumbing insulation tubing from a hardware store and inserting a piece of dowel rod, cut to the same length, to add stiffness.
Each litter box comes with a decorative hood, sifter rake, hinged door, hand scoop and replaceable tray liner
Tenders are invited for design fabrication supply erection testing and commissioning of 1 vibro sifter 2 impact pulverizer for oushadhi
The ultra-low-profile 40" (1,016 mm) diameter Flo-Thru Vibroscreen[R] sifter features a flat dust cover that fits tight spots between storage and process equipment.
The cook's measure cup aids accurate baking with individual markings to measure ingredients, while its sister flour sifter has an easy trigger movement that allows you to easily distribute flour for rolling.
Paksi: Csernyanszky, Sifter, Balo, Kiss (Montvai 78), Bode, T Heffler.
Providing a clear acrylic sifter jar that coordinates with a white cap, SeaCliff printed the Rodan + Fields logo on the cap with a one color silkscreen design in keeping with the brand's streamlined packaging concept.
Engineered with three control variables--vibrator force, frequency, and drive angle--the Twin Motor Sifter boasts a 3-D motion for improved throughput of hard-to-screen products.
Sifter it is identified as the missing woman suspicion soon falls upon the victim's then - husband.
Systems are PLC-controlled and equipped with large capacity sifter, hinged cyclone, and quick disconnect piping, which enables fast clean down between product changes.
The episode, due to be screened today, shows retired secretary Mrs Excell, of Princes Street, Roath, Cardiff selling off collectibles she has hoarded over the years, such as a Clarice Cliff sugar sifter and plaster miniature cameos.
Local bands, including Dusk and Sifter, are due to appear at the festival.
3) Place the stencil on the grass and using a sifter or large strainer sprinkel a very small amount of white flour into the stencil.