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a household sieve (as for flour)

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The company's sifters and tables have been sold to the market for more than 15 years.
2) Today, in the spirit of opening this chapter, this celebration of Star Sifter and three later works can provide an interpretive framework for understanding and fully appreciating Aycock's endeavors in the world of public art.
Given that he work was made two years after the United States' reinstatement if the death penalty, it is apropos that Sifter resembles a makeshift execution device constructed so that the viewer, in order that he or she may read a wall-mounted brass plaque, is invited to step onto a raised, catpeted platform.
Just depends on your druthers at that time, and how soon you want the sifter.
The delivery will also include the refiner system, dryer and sifter, raw board handling as well as all pneumatic and mechanical transport systems.
A small milk jug is pounds 3,925 and a sugar sifter pounds 6,135.
He guaranteed me that he wasn't joking - he wasn't sending me to find that proverbial left-handed smoke sifter.
We also describe experimental studies conducted with SIFTER to filter computer and information science documents collected from the Internet and commercial database services.
After being passed through a special sifter that separates the seeds and skin from the pulp, the simple puree is finally sealed in Mason glass jars with just a sprig of fresh basil before being boiled again.
The sifter shows the records one by one, allowing the searcher to review relevance, importance, format and other characteristics of the records.
Generator produces an integer sequence starting from two up until a given maximum number, while sifter produces a prime number sequence given an integer sequence.
The set includes a sifter and bowl, beater, muffin tray, knife, spatula, and cookie tray Longer handles may be added to the muffin tray and cookie cutter by using plumbing insulation tubing from a hardware store and inserting a piece of dowel rod, cut to the same length, to add stiffness.
The market is not alloti the market has a firm tranche and 1 optional tranche defined as follows: - installation of a sifter on the site for the duration of the works.
To reduce the risk of such contamination Detectamet is now offering a new range of sifter cleaning balls that incorporates the company's detectable polymer.
The ultra-low-profile 40" (1,016 mm) diameter Flo-Thru Vibroscreen[R] sifter features a flat dust cover that fits tight spots between storage and process equipment.