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Synonyms for scion

Synonyms for scion

one descended directly from the same parents or ancestors

Words related to scion

a descendent or heir

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sient the as oses, Donald felt that because the news was dominated by such allegations and exposes, there was little he could do to seize the initiative and set the agenda in Scotland.
Gingival enlargement and inflammation are often tran- sient and resolves within weeks of rebonding.
plain soap (1)) sient (2) microorganisms Antiseptic Water and antimicrobial Remove or destroy tran- handwash soap (e.
Nam ab omnibus quot uspiam sient Triviis, plateis, angiportis, angulis, Converrit et corradit infameis iocos, Ut ad sepulchra Ruffa de rogis cibos.
and Jane's Combat Sient operations in San Mateo, Calif.