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a glancing blow from or on the side of something (especially motor vehicles)

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strike from the side

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On the one hand he says the most visionary thing ever said by a DUP politician about our divided society, and then he spoils it with an old-fashioned political sideswipe at Catholic schools."
And Strachan also took a sideswipe at the club chairmen who force the regulation on managers.
He examines television shows from Germany, Sweden and Great Britain (with a sideswipe at the newspapers), common perceptions such as "archaeologists dig up things" and the pleasure amateurs take in the discipline, the role of the archaeologist in the mass media (adventurer, detective, maker of profiound revelations, and caregiver of ancient sites and finds, the archaeologist's clothes, strategies of engagement with the public (education, public relations and democratic), and the benefits of reconsidering public-view archaeology.
Between January 2003 and December 2005, there were 14 slight accidents around the junction, three were shunts or sideswipe accidents, while four involved right-turn manoeuvres.
Newcastle city councillor Bill Schardt deserves a pat on the back for his amusing sideswipe at gobbledygook.
"There were 1,164 sideswipe incidents in 2005 and as well as being frightening and dangerous for those involved, such incidents can cause frustration, delays and congestion for other drivers."
Rory Bremner, John Bird and John Fortune, taking another sideswipe at the state of the nation.
Let me make one thing very clear: I am not seeking to sideswipe Dodge here, but I feel it is incumbent upon me to provide a cautionary public service to those looking to join the E85 revolution: Triple check to make sure you're vehicle can take the fuel.
They were no longer convinced that art could or should mount a sweeping critique of culture, preferring an ironic sideswipe. And the model of Warhol's Factory--a self-selected society that gave validity and kudos to its participants, producing a homemade star system--was useful for negotiating the sudden treacheries of a sizzling-hot art market.
Rear-end crashes were second only to angle collisions (30.2%) in terms of the total number of crashes, and way ahead of sideswipe (7.1%) and headon (2.2%) collisions.
Further, Blower indicates, drivers of passenger vehicles are six times more likely than truckers to sideswipe a truck heading in the opposite direction, four times more likely to hit a truck from behind, and twice as likely to turn across the path of a truck or sideswipe a truck going in the same direction.
Of course Andromeda could merely sideswipe our galaxy -- or miss it all together.
If so we're after new cartoonists to take a satirical sideswipe at current local events, or make humourous observations on day-to-day life in Coventry and Warwickshire.
DAVID VILLA has taken a sideswipe at Tottenham's transfer tactics.