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Synonyms for sidesplitting

extremely funny

Synonyms for sidesplitting

very funny

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And it's sidesplitting, milk-snorting, feel-sorry-for-the-goldfish-drowned-in-tomato-sauce-but-can't-help- laughing-about-it funny.
Be ready to laugh aloud as Mia and her girlfriends work out the "Jane Eyre Technique of Boyfriends" and other lists of sidesplitting ideas.
You took a common, ordinary dental occurrence and turned it into a hilarious, sidesplitting life experience which the common public could relate to.
A Broadway producer (Zero Mostel) plans to make a fortune backing a flop play - the sidesplitting Springtime For Hitler - but is horrified when it becomes a smash hit.
With words and lyrics foul enough to make the proverbial truck driver blush, with sidesplitting and "postmodern" quotational spoofs of everything decent and beloved by, say, Rodgers and Hart or Andrew Lloyd Webber, with song-and-dance extravaganzas worthy of Busby Berkeley, with abstract colors and geometries as startling as Peter Halley's, with a hilarious but knife-edged parody of American hypocrisy ...
With unflattering cameos by Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, and Liza Minnelli (poor dear), Best Actress is a sidesplitting account of the only political race anyone cares about nowadays.
For me the bizarre and wacky animals and insects of Larson's "The Far Side" have produced the wickedest, most convulsive bouts of sidesplitting laughter, offering a riotously funny view of the world.
The hypnotic humor and inevitable letter subtraction in verse leads to hilarious page-turning and sidesplitting exaggeration.
Now that winter has truly arrived, what better excuse to hibernate on your sofa and watch some of your favourite sidesplitting programmes on Comedy Central.
With Norris and Mary in a sidesplitting pastiche of Stephen King's horror flick Misery and June Whitfield quipping like she'd never left Terry and June, this was Corrie pitching fond comedy and the death of a key cast member together in the way only Corrie can.
His manic energy, hilarious delivery and sidesplitting material has made his live performances a must-see for comedy fans.
GRUMPY: Can you cheer up the most miserable man in the office?' AIM: Tell Andy a sidesplitting story - and if you can make him laugh - you'll win a tenner
How do we represent ourselves?" stenciled on the wall were answered by a sidesplitting, if heartbreaking, compilation of television clips drawn from shows as wide-ranging as The Goldbergs, Saturday Night Live, and Northern Exposure.
A YOUNG advertising wannabe is tasting sweet success after taking the industry by storm with a sidesplitting advert designed for Cadbury.
Her Vogue video was simultaneously sidesplitting (the lyrics) and vomit-inducing (the lacy see-through top).