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an unexpected slide


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a flight maneuver

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There is some delay while Pete explains that he wants all to sideslip the descent while roped, but again Jo and Dave are uncertain precisely how this is done.
As the identification of the mass distribution is not the topic of this work, we assume the information is known, [beta] and [gamma] are the sideslip angel and yaw rate of the vehicle, respectively; [[alpha].
where Y(x) is lateral force, self-aligning torque or longitudinal force, x is sideslip angle or longitudinal slip rate of tire in different conditions, B, D and E are coefficients and determined by vertical load of wheels and camber angle, C is curve shape factor.
If a wings-level aircraft is disturbed--whether by turbulence or aileron input--it rolls and will begin moving sideways toward the lowered wing, a sideslip.
In 2005, Fischer concluded that striations are cause by, "collapsed sidewalls of tires that lose lateral traction and begin to sideslip through a turn.
where [alpha] is angle of attack, [beta] is angle of sideslip, [C.
Moreover, the model structure is not practical, because the sideslip angle chosen as the output signal cannot be measured directly for most real vehicles.
Calibrated airspeed corrects for varying AoA or sideslip.
It covers longitudinal, vertical, and lateral dynamics, including the wheel, driving resistances and power requirement, converters, driving performance diagrams and fuel consumption, driving limits, ride dynamics, vehicle substitute models, the single track model, the tire sideslip angle, steering, circular driving at a constant speed, dynamic behavior, the influence of wheel load transfer, and toe-in/toe-out, camber, and self-steering coefficient.
The tour, offering the first live performances of pieces such as Dark Skies Waltz, Sideslip and Stonehaugh, promises nights of beautiful music.
a and p are represents as the angle of attack and sideslip.
Its contra-rotating rotors are claimed to make it a superior platform for unguided projectiles, since it flies without sideslip.
It is well-understood that a roll p input induced by the tethers can induce sideslip and easily stabilize translational motion.