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an unexpected slide


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a flight maneuver

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Similarly, to investigate the effect of sideslip angle additional computations are conducted at 0deg and 5deg side slip angles by keeping the angle of attack as 0deg.
Characteristics of experimental procedure for estimation of driver and vehicle response: a) driver's reaction time and vehicle stabilization period, b) vehicle speed and sideslip angle
The simulation results of vehicle response which include lateral acceleration, sideslip angle and yaw rate (shown in the Figure 7(a), (b) and (c) respectively), are compared to those without control and AFS +D/BFD which also use the same control method.
Figures 25 and 26 show that the trends of sideslip angle and yaw rate are similar to steering angle.
Data-Driven Modeling of the Aircraft Airspeed Velocity, Angle of Attack, and Angle of Sideslip
In addition to the standard airspeed, angle of attack, angle of sideslip, and barometric altitude measurements, all models include field programmable firmware, external GPS synchronization, and data logging or streaming capabilities in a small, light-weight and low-power package that is comparable in size and weight to a cellphone.
There is some delay while Pete explains that he wants them all to sideslip the descent while roped, but again Jo and Dave are uncertain precisely how this should be done.
where the sideslip angles of front and rear axles are respectively given by:
with mass m, yaw inertia [I.sub.z], velocity v, sideslip stiffness [k.sub.f] and [k.sub.r] of the front/rear tires, the distance between front/rear axle and center of gravity [I.sub.f] and [I.sub.r], side slip angle [beta], yaw rate [[omega].sub.r], steering angle [[delta].sub.h] and steering gear ratio [i.sub.s].
After Kalman filtering process and analysis with MC9S12XS128 central processing unit, vehicle location information (including pitching angle and sideslip angle) is calculated based on vehicle location signal and regarded as input signal of vehicle body control.
In practice, we may not necessarily choose u, v, and w as the state variables of an aircraft model concerning different requirements and we usually choose the true air speed V and aerodynamic angles, such as angle of attack [alpha] and sideslip angle [beta], instead.
Lechner, "A method to estimate the lateral tire force and the sideslip angle of a vehicle: experimental validation," in Proceedings of the American Control Conference (ACC '10), pp.
(vii) Angle of sideslip [beta] is the intersection angle between the axis Ox and the plane [O.sub.b][x.sub.b][y.sub.b].
When the angle of sideslip [beta] and the angle of attack a are small, there is [V.sub.[infinity]] = [[1 -[beta] [alpha]].sup.T] [V.sub.[infinity]], in which [V.sub.[infinity]] is the velocity magnitude of the free stream.
and Hori,Y, "Lateral stability control of in-wheel-motor-driven electric vehicles based on sideslip angle estimation using lateral tire force sensors." IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 61(5): 1972-1985,2012.