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a saddle for a woman

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She fell in love with cowboy Oscar Midkiff, married, and moved to Texas in 1896; while Oscar was away on cattle drives, she rode sidesaddle, shot antelope with a .
Animal exhibits were top of the billing and there were displays in sidesaddle riding, show jumping, and prize fruits were praised - as were prize rats
Beckman directs the students to ride sidesaddle and backwards, clockwise, then counterclockwise, gradually picking up the pace just short of a trot.
Sidesaddle (equitation & costume): Ch - S Moreland, Herts.
She looks like an Empress riding sidesaddle on his motorcycle.
Custom-built mountain bikes line up alongside ancient road racers and delivery cycles, one of which l noticed had been adapted for the owner's granddaughter to ride sidesaddle.
Perhaps, he doesn't see himself reloading it out of the SideSaddle shell carrier attached to the receiver; he figures the shells in the gun will be more than likely what he will need for any crisis.
May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- When it takes five "Franklins" -- that's $500 -- to fill your 18-wheeler's sidesaddle diesel fuel tanks, a professional truck driver tends to pay close attention to fuel costs and to efficient driving practices.
14) It was not easy as they were encumbered with long skirts and using a sidesaddle would have been most difficult.
Driving along the highway to the city, I'm struck by the huge number of people walking alongside the road, pedalling bicycles (sometimes with women riding sidesaddle, babies riding on the handlebars) or riding small motorcycles.
Victory came so easy to the flamboyant Rossi that he crossed the finish line sitting sidesaddle on his 990cc Honda, with both hands off the handlebars.
The sidesaddle pocket is divided for organizing your gear, and the seam zipper pocket is large enough to store a folding decoy.
But now Shearer says he is ready to step up his rehab and insisted he was in no danger, despite riding sidesaddle on his jet-bike.
A sidesaddle is our family's name for that good book you give your husband because you want to read it yourself, or the croquet set which the croquet fan happily gives to a member of his immediate family for the whole family to enjoy.