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a saddle for a woman

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33) To engage in hunting on a horse, particularly in the early days when a sidesaddle was expected of women, would have required being a competent rider.
Miss Kitty's famous sidesaddle is there, as are a number of other saddles ridden by famous Western stars.
Driving along the highway to the city, I'm struck by the huge number of people walking alongside the road, pedalling bicycles (sometimes with women riding sidesaddle, babies riding on the handlebars) or riding small motorcycles.
Victory came so easy to the flamboyant Rossi that he crossed the finish line sitting sidesaddle on his 990cc Honda, with both hands off the handlebars.
The sidesaddle pocket is divided for organizing your gear, and the seam zipper pocket is large enough to store a folding decoy.
Jews had to pay a head tax, could not build houses taller than those of Muslims, could not ride horses and had to ride donkeys sidesaddle, could not bear arms, and had to wear their hair in sidelocks.
But now Shearer says he is ready to step up his rehab and insisted he was in no danger, despite riding sidesaddle on his jet-bike.
A sidesaddle is our family's name for that good book you give your husband because you want to read it yourself, or the croquet set which the croquet fan happily gives to a member of his immediate family for the whole family to enjoy.
A scene of mountains reflected in water follows and mirrors the shape of a glamorous saddle in the work's opening shot (the sidesaddle from Cremaster 5 covered in mirror-like sterling-silver tiles).
In the Trooping procession, the Princess Royal, as Colonel of the Blues and Royals, didn't ride sidesaddle - unlike the Queen, who always does.
It's the story of Sidesaddle - the little black box in the Vietnam air war that flew in harm's way and did what remote reconnaissance platforms couldn't do.
This article examines in-cab and sidesaddle fuel tank design and potential sources of ignition.
Hock, chairman, president, and CEO of the Denver-based utility company, sitting sidesaddle on a chair and leaning curiously forward and to one side.
At the Nevada County Fairgrounds, thisfestival hosts nationally known performers such as The Osborne Brothers and California bluegrass bands--The Sawtooth Mountain Boys, Sidesaddle, Weary Hearts.
Haag, who putts in an unorthodox sidesaddle manner, was solid on the greens all day, but conceded that success in the tournament is based on withstanding the inevitable fatigue.