sideroblastic anaemia

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refractory anemia characterized by sideroblasts in the bone marrow

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Coarse stipplings are clinically significant and indicates impaired haemoglobin synthesis as seen in megaloblastic anaemia, thalassemias, sideroblastic anaemias and lead poisoning [14,41].
Primary acquired sideroblastic anaemia, which involves abnormal haematopoiesis, is idiopathic, as it is not clear what the cause of defective haem synthesis is in the abnormal erythroid clone (3) This type of sideroblastic anaemia is the one most commonly seen in the haematology laboratory, as it is part of the myelodysplastic syndromes--a series of clonal haematopoietic stem cell diseases.
One of the most common causes of secondary acquired sideroblastic anaemia is chronic ethanol consumption, with a ringed sideroblast abnormality occurring in 25-30% of anaemic alcoholic patients (1,4,5).
5 100 Refractory anaemia (RA 5 Sideroblastic anaemia 1 (RARS) No diagnostic features 24(*) 12.
Gastro intestinal blood loss due to oesophageal varices, peptic ulcer, folate deficiency and sideroblastic anaemia.