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Synonyms for sideline

stand on the sidelines


  • not get involved
  • not take part
  • not participate
  • be passive

Synonyms for sideline

a line that marks the side boundary of a playing field

Related Words

remove from the center of activity or attention

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What I come down on the sideline for is, ok, I think it's important to have a presence on the sideline as well."
Several FBS programs that responded to an Associated Press survey say they are using sideline props this season.
President on the sidelines of the summit, however, the Foreign Ministry said there is no such plan.
With the Super Bowl arriving in less than two weeks, Microsoft and the NFL must ensure their will be no malfunctions on the sidelines with the Surface Pro 4; otherwise New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick might ( make everyone aware of them.
Assuming that teams call plays independently of sideline location, the first and third quarter side changes make for a natural experiment that happens twice within every game.
After 13 years on the sideline, it only took one game in the box to make Neal a convert.
Gerry Plescia, CEO of Cross Country, said, "The acquisition of Sideline to Cross Country is an important strategic initiative as we seek to expand our North American capabilities.
Critique: In "Tales from the Denver Broncos Sideline: A Collection of the Greatest Broncos Stories Ever Told", Andrew Mason draws upon his many years of experience and expertise covering the Denver Broncos and other NFL teams, including writing for the official website of the Denver Broncos, to compile and present true stories from six decades of Denver Broncos history.
There are few medical standby companies that can provide sideline medical care that specialize in orthopedic injuries and head/spinal injuries.
"It was a little weird seeing him on that sideline," older Phil said, "but it was great, a thrill for a dad."
In a new book on Connacht GAA, Lane said: "I was emotionally and physically drained from the whole management of the weekend which meant I didn't react sharply enough to events on the sideline during the game.
The late BO SCHEMBECHLER on his infamous sideline tantrums: "I really think that every great coach I've ever known has been a great actor.
You are the sideline doc at the conference championship football game.
Incidents of "sideline rage" have increased both in number and seriousness, says Dr.
With the exception of the Cleveland Browns, who begin play next season, all teams for the first time will have the same resource for Pro Line uniforms, hats and sideline wear.