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light carried by a boat that indicates the boat's direction

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Heat betting: Heat 1 - 2.47pm: 11-8 Sidelight, 5-2 Cashen Maureen, 3 Ballyhill Lexi, 10 Honour To Serve, Marcos Henrietta, 16 Alma Bolero.
"An interesting sidelight to this event is that Lucy is staying at Griff House and will be able to see for herself the building where her character is searching for George Eliot in the present day section of the play and where the young Mary Ann Evans is pondering her future on her time level."
More than one in ten vehicles was found to have a failed headlight, sidelight, rear or brake-light which would signifi-cantly increase the risk of an accident.
This may mean asking for special exterior trim that's wider than standard 2-in.-wide "brick molding." If you're ordering a door and sidelight(s), you can adjust the width by substituting a different size sidelight or by adjusting the space between the door and the sidelight.
A sidelight of the event featured two exhibitions - one, an archaeological exhibit of the mysterious Easter Island, courtesy of the Government of Chile and Unesco; and two, a visual arts exhibit of the myths of Easter Island by Rapa Nui artist Christiaan Tuki.
There's an interesting sidelight to be noted that occurred to me while reading the "Red Star" article by Garry James in the June 2009 issue of G&A.
An interesting sidelight into a rarely studied aspect of Wesley's make up.
An interesting sidelight to the annual secret meeting of the super-elite Bilderberg group in Ottawa June 8-11 (see article on page 19) is the unusually large contingent of attendees from Turkey.
Pella's unique Jamb-On-Sill[TM] design puts door and sidelight frames on top of the sill, keeping water away for long-lasting performance.
Air has a very high thermal expansion coefficient, but an unexpected sidelight of this process is that the air merely expands out of the keratin fiber, giving you almost a convective cooling effect." Wool presented these findings 2 June 2004 at the 11th European Conference on Composite Materials in Rhodes, Greece.
The timber treatment continues inside, its texture enhanced by the sidelight, so the visitor easily makes the connection.
Despite rough edges, pic could travel as a minor fest item and sidelight at horror events.
A disturbing sidelight to this item is that one of the son's soldier friends in Iraq recently died of pneumonia.
An interesting sidelight took place this year when Ottawa musician and signmaker Ken Wintle received a permit to demonstrate outside Prime Minister Jean Cheritien's residence at 24 Sussex Drive.
The Nighthunter's contoured rubber eye cups further enhance internal light transmission by eliminating sidelight. Available in five models: 8x30, 7x50, 10x50, 8x56 and 12x56.