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Synonyms for sideboard

a removable board fitted on the side of a wagon to increase its capacity

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a board that forms part of the side of a bed or crib

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Because,' smiling Treasury turned him by the arm towards the sideboard and spoke banteringly, 'it never can be worth your while to come among us and help us.
Bishop then came undesignedly sidling in the direction of the sideboard.
I haven't had a really good education, for one thing," she continued, still on her knees by the sideboard.
Don't try, unless you want me to take it back," Trent said, strolling to the sideboard.
He glanced at the card which Thomson had left upon the sideboard.
Gerald, who was also on his way to the sideboard, suddenly stopped.
The servants are here at the sideboard," he said angrily; "don't make a scene.
When I opened my eyes I found that they had collected the silver from the sideboard, and they had drawn a bottle of wine which stood there.
Well, they did not take much--only half a dozen articles of plate off the sideboard.
There was a sideboard of mahogany, inlaid with ivory, and bearing enormous handles of glittering brass, and groaning under the piles of silver plate.
These he took down from the shelves and placed upon a sideboard, and prepared to make himself merry.
Now, by my faith," cried the Cook, as he rattled the pottle against the sideboard, "I like that same song hugely, and eke the motive of it, which lieth like a sweet kernel in a hazelnut"
Take one sample of the way in which he went on, and you will understand what I had to put up with at the sideboard, officiating as I was in the character of a man who had the prosperity of the festival at heart.
Being close behind these two at the sideboard, I can testify, from what I heard pass between them, that the company lost a good deal of very improving conversation, which I caught up while drawing the corks, and carving the mutton, and so forth.
Ransome was at the sideboard preparing to lay the table for the first sea dinner of the passage.