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a pocket on the side of a billiard table

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"I was able to carry the TrailShot in the side pocket of my shorts."
It has a padded pocket designed specifically for your spotting scope and tripod, a side pocket, two wing pockets, and two pockets on the waist belt Side compression straps can be used for attaching extra gear.
A new whiteboard animation was also uploaded to these social channels depicting the various uses of the Car Side Pocket Organizer and how it can help drivers stay organized making driving much more pleasant.
Officers later found the alleged attacker, Matthew Edward Kutzler, 54, of Eugene, at the Side Pocket Tavern.
Both a slash pocket and a curved pocket require an alteration the front of the basic pant pattern and add two additional pattern pieces: a side pocket and pocket lining.
One side pocket houses a two-liter water bottle (that fits tight, but works best when upside-down) and the other has outside pockets for pens and similar, while inside I put my LED flashlight.
PLAY TRAY A wipe-clean fabric tray with an adjustable strap that can be fitted to most types of seat (car, buggy, plane), it comes with a bottle holder and a removable side pocket ideal for keeping toys, pencils etc close.
Washington, May 3 ( ANI ): A small Seattle-based start-up has designed a novel bra dubbed 'JoeyBra', that has a side pocket for storing your debit card, ID and phone irrespective of bust size.
A retractable armrest, a large side pocket, a shoe locker and a side cabinet are also provided.
To enable partners in IPs to invest in different asset classes, IPs are often organized with multiple divisions or "side pockets." A side pocket is a separate accounting division within a partnership that is not intended to be a separate legal entity for federal or state income tax purposes.
Anderson situates Good Goods in the "timelessness" that she sees in many Southern cities, and calls her setting 'the side pocket of America." As director Tina Landau tackles this mysterious collage of voodoo, history and survival, the adventuresome Anderson wonders how far audiences will follow her: "Will logic hold them back?"
The transportable electric ladle is a shell-contained refractory crucible comprised of modular baffle or side pocket panels in which high-intensity electric resistance heating elements are embedded (Figs.
This key style for A/W 2009-2010 conjures a chic luggage feeling and refined details: ornamental brass clasp with a delicate metallic chain, decorative zip and buckles; bright turquoise velvet lining, a zipped side pocket and a vegetal leather belt.
The former Health Minister had forgotten it was in a side pocket of her bag, which she had on board as hand luggage.
It was bought by a couple who found the loaded Sig Sauer pistol in a side pocket after collecting it from Hamburg.