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dressed half of a beef carcass

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Grass reared and grain-fed for the final 100 days to increase marbling, this selection of top side of beef is matured for 21 days to provide the most irresistible and flavoursome taste sensation.
Ideally, a deer should hang like a side of beef about a week at 36-40 degrees.
When a side of beef is neatly carved into steaks and roasts, bits and pieces of meat trimmed from these familiar retail cuts are left over.
Ao Feedlot beef tastes more like pork, said Luis Alberto Nieva, standing near a side of beef slowly roasting over a wood-burning fire outside his friend LeclercqAAEs house.
Even so, if they made me comfortable and treated me like a human being, instead of like a side of beef heading to market, I'd probably fly.
Designed initially to measure the carbon gas emissions of wheat, oil seed rape and sugar beet in the biofuels supply chain, Farming Footprints could ultimately be used to help calculate the greenhouse gas emissions in the production of everything from a loaf of bread to a pint of bear - although carbon labelling a side of beef posed a tougher challenge, said co-developer Peter Hull of farm supply company Farmway at Piercebridge.
Some buyers save by purchasing a side of beef (one-half of a steer) or an entire steer at a time.
They were a species apart, living in a world apart behind the green baize door, depicted doing servantly things--polishing silver, carrying jugs of water for washing, leading a horse, carving a side of beef, gossiping.
Sam took his turn in the cutting room, working with a side of beef.
Acres of space devoted to a high court judge chewing the cud over the survival of Shambo, a possibly bovine TB-infested side of beef, caught in limbo between the confine sofa Welsh Hindu community in the aptly-named Llanpunsaint and vet's bullet to the brain.
Shown below is a blocked out side of beef and how the percentage of each wholesale cut is found.
From the beat- up underdog to the buffed-out world champion, the line replicates characters from the popular series, including the iconic side of beef that Rocky uses as a sparring partner.
To communicate, I relied primarily on hand gestures (no, thank you, I would prefer not to eat that side of beef you are showing me) or my faded memory of Latin.
Anyway, back to Michelle and it soon became clear that as far as nutrition goes she's always preferred the "wholistic" approach - whole chicken, whole side of beef, whole multipack of Doritos.
One night Toothacre and some other Porch Dawgs took charge of the side of beef served at the show's opening night reception and dragged it--dripping blood all the way--through the hotel and left it in his bathtub wrapped in a tablecloth.