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salted and cured abdominal wall of a side of pork


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A gammon is dry-cured or brined as part of a side of bacon and cut off afterwards.
diners and their families can choose from plain, chocolate or blueberry and get a side of bacon or sausage, for only $5 per person.
Why, for example, should that diner owner's profits rise if, instead of a side of bacon, you order a side of caviar?
TO bring home the bacon: One possible origin goes back to the Essex village of Dunmow where, it is said, in AD1111 a noblewoman offered a prize of a side of bacon, a "flitch", to any man in England who could say he had had marital harmony for the preceding year and a day.
Liz played Vera with more ham than a side of bacon, but Street fans loved that about her.
Kilner jars held tomatoes and other fruits; hams and a side of bacon hung from the kitchen beams.
Meanwhile David Watkins writes: "My grandparents, William and Jane Hunter, won a side of bacon in August 1934 at the Plaza in Tynemouth, with an audience and a mock-up court procedure they had to give evidence to prove they had lived in harmony for the previous year and were competing against several other couples.
Yes, the wisecracks surely are already forming in the minds of our wittier readers, remarks about launching the "eggship enterprise" or requests to have a business model scrambled with a side of bacon.
He says that he has no feeling for the more traditional aspects of the business and admitted to The Grocer that he did not know what a full side of bacon weighed, or what it costs
On Easter in 1290, to take one modest example, an English bishop and his 80 guests consumed several carcasses of beef, a side of bacon, 2 boars, 5 pigs, 4 calves, 22 kids, 3 deer, 12 capons, 1,400 eggs, and a few other items besides, all washed down with 66 gallons of wine, plus "unlimited" beer.
She would have a side of bacon hanging up and I can remember her quite clearly taking it down to cut a few slices off.
When a pig was killed, they'd have a gammon, a ham and a side of bacon each.
It is said, in 1111AD, a noblewoman offered a prize of a side of bacon, known locally as a flitch, to any man from anywhere in England who could honestly say that he had lived in complete marital harmony for the preceding year and a day.