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a small drum with two heads and a snare stretched across the lower head

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One band of four pipers, one big bass drum and one side drum played Abide with Me, either in misguided sympathy or in ignorance of the request from the Quinns.
In addition, spectacular performances were arranged for the public by the Police Dog Unit, CAS band and CAS Cadet Corps side drum team.
Edwin played the side drum and Walter Westwood played the bugle.
We were reminded what a daring and innovative work this is, with its unvarying rhythm (full credit to the side drum player for his sheer concentration and co-ordination) and continually repeated melodic material.
The mayor strummed a psaltery, the mayoress thumped a side drum and musicians Paul Leigh and Gill Page, from Trouvere, played a crum horn and citole.
Timpani needed more bite, although an unsung side drum hero set solid foundations with a relentless nerve-wrenching performance: musical, reliable and terrifying.
Mr Chester now teaches the youngsters flute and his wife, Cheryl, teaches the side drum.
Television pictures beamed around the world showed the shaven-headed, pot-bellied so-called football fans, flinging bottles and chairs while a ludicrous drummer beat out a battle rhythm on a pathetic side drum.
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The father-of-two continued as a Senior Scout until the age of 18 and played the side drum in his scout band.
Oramo's reading restored every dramatic surprise to this powerfully disturbing work, every element justly placed, the malevolence of Huw Ceredig's frenzied side drum triumphantly vanquished by an irresistibly overwhelming life-force - what a symbol for our troubled times.
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