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a small chapel off the side aisle of a church

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The mural was not closed off from view but it is in a side chapel that people wouldn't visit much.
If William didn't go into the side chapel there is a chance he could catch a glimpse of Kate on one of the cameras so it was the safest option.
Restoration: The sanctuary and side chapel at St Joseph and Ethelreda.
The generous scale of the church contrasts with the more intimate confines of a smaller side chapel and baptistery.
At the service, more than 1,400 people packed the nave, overflowing into the aisles, the narthex, and the side chapel.
Finally, Tiffany glass that had decorated the Forty-third Street sanctuary was re-employed in the bimah of the Beth-El side chapel.
They began arriving at the cathedral shortly after hearing of his death, stopping to pray and light votive candles in a side chapel that held a large portrait of the pope and a huge spray of white flowers.
The Italian architect and sculptor Filippo Brunelleschi (1377-1446) is credited with the "invention" of geometric perspective that was first realized by the Florentine artist Masaccio (1401-1428) in his fresco, Trinity, in which the depth of a side chapel is illusionisticly suggested on the flat wall of the church of Santa Maria Novella.
A small side chapel commemorates Polish resistance leaders in World War II "In the memory of Polish people who died in the uprising, Pamieci 1944-1953" and lists several names of those who fell, including Tadeusza Zawadzinskiego, an uncle of the Holy Father.
The monstrance, holding the consecrated wafer in a maze of fluted gold, is moved to a dimly lit, funereal side chapel.
I followed him, intrigued, to a side chapel, and to a long wooden chest which he solemnly opened.
The document also prohibits priests from leaving the sanctuary to greet people during the sign of peace and offers the option of placing the tabernacle either in the sanctuary or a side chapel.
The commital was carried out in the side chapel of St Gregory and St Augustine.