side by side

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nearest in space or position


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closely related or associated

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We're keen to expand the Side by Side service in and around Newcastle but desperately need more volunteers.
Ann-Marie Bainbridge, Alzheimer's Society Side by Side Manager in Newcastle, said: "The service is very much in its infancy but our goal is to enable people with dementia to continue doing the things they enjoy.
One such story that motivates Side by Side to keep on doing what they do, is the story of a five-year-old girl, who lived in a shack and slept on a small dirty blanket on a cold floor.
Sue and John handed over a cheque for PS500 after attending a recent Side by Side rehearsal at the GAP Community facility in Warwick.
The RIA uses deaths or injuries per 10,000 side by side vehicles as the measure of risk.
Side by side ORVs have a variety of options to make them multi-use machines and can be accessorized to fit the owner's lifestyle or demanding work needs.
FLOOR SHOW Snuggling up to Joey as they lie side by side
The event will see Yummy Yorkshire showcasing its newly refurbished retro ice cream trailer in the Side by Side zone in front of the John Smith's Stadium.
Created wakes in behind of tubes in the heat exchangers or in the guiding rods in nuclear reactors, buildings, cooling towers and suspension bridges are the examples of the application of side by side cylinders.
Place two coins of the same size side by side, so they are touching.
Well, check that - three homes in the suburbs, side by side by side, each accommodating one of his three wives and their assorted children.
These newly minted lobbyists are folks who used to work side by side with elected officials in the Capitol.
There are women working side by side with the President of our country, so why not side by side with the guys on the hockey team or the football team or out in the water surfing?
Photography,' Joe points Out, 'is the only media in which you can easily place yesterday and today side by side.
Kama now also can coextrude PET sheet with two colors, or clear and colored resin, side by side.