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a room to which a sick person is confined

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In Death in the Sickroom, the artist's sister Inger, depicted as the adult she would have been when Munch painted his canvas, stares directly out at the viewer, demanding our sympathy and understanding for her grief.
The chapter on hearing ranges from the sounds of the sickroom to the importance of silence, from the ringing of bells to the "extra-auditory reality" of the sounds of heaven (158).
Now, helpless in her sickroom, Milla wills Agaat to rehearse all the letters of the alphabet containing a downstroke: p, h, f, m, n, l, t, i, j, k, and reflects: "It will take time to make clear that the downstroke is the beginning of an m and that m stands for map, that I want to see the maps of Grootmoedersdrift, the maps of my region, of my place.
Tomorrow night Gangs will headline the latest Retro Revival, with Death In The Sickroom, Thieves and The Invisible Choir providing support.
The episode, presented as a monologue by the painter Jean Gigoux, who lived as Ewelina's (unmarried) partner for almost thirty years following Balzac's death, claims to account for the soon-to-be-widow's absence from the sickroom during her husband's final hours, in terms that a loving daughter would understandably be eager to quash.
Judging by the writer's reluctance to write before she has better news, it may be the only--or almost the only--letter sent from the sickroom in which Clough died.
3) Chertkov exerted a powerful influence over the aged author and was successful not only in persuading Tolstoy to transfer the copyright of his works from his family to him but in taking control over Tolstoy in his last days as he lay dying in a railroad station, preventing his wife from entering his sickroom, and keeping from him the fact of her presence outside.
Later, Adam's successor as Chatterbox, Miles Malpractice, gains access to Agatha's sickroom because of that role's glamor in the eyes of her caretakers: "[T] hey let me up at once and said I wasn't to excite you, but would I put a piece in my paper about their nursing-home" (159).
Miriam Bailin notes that the sickroom can be seen as a realm of freedom from the restrictions and expectations of normal life for both women and men (27-28) and that the "disabled male under the care of a woman permits imaginative, if not actual, access to traits that were associated with femininity and allowed a retreat from those associated with manliness" (40).
It offers ambulation aids, disposable supplies, mobility aids, respiratory equipment and sickroom setup.
5) The story charts the narrator's growing madness and preoccupation with the wallpaper of her sickroom and ends with her identification with the woman she sees "crawling" (55) behind the "bars" (52) of the prison-like pattern.
The many letters exchanged between Gratz and friends and family members often describe her despondency in finding herself, yet again, in the sickroom, although almost always these comments are tempered with notes of compassion and humor (Ashton 55).
The sickroom called for the exercise of her higher qualities of patience, mercy, and gentleness as well as her housewifely arts.
Nevertheless, in "On Being Ill," Woolf does mock women who, already relegated to the confines of the drawing room, voluntarily sink further into the folds of domesticity by occupying the gloom of the sickroom and therefore seeming oblivious to their own exploitation.
The learning environment is a simulated sickroom, in which the dummy patients exhibiting physical symptoms are located.