sickness benefit

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money paid (by the government) to someone who is too ill to work

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The Welfare Ministry has proposed these amendments because sickness benefits have been growing in the past years.
Sickness benefits are daily cash allowances given to qualified SSS members with a minimum of four straight days of illness under the regular Social Security (SS) program.
Those who are in work tend to be better and those who are out of work, on sickness benefit, tend to get their conditions worse.
The person in the example below had been in employment for almost five years of the history period, and came onto a Sickness Benefit directly from employment before transferring to an Invalid's Benefit.
Calculations to be published soon, in 2006, will also include persons receiving compensation for ill health in the form of sickness benefits and rehabilitation allowances, sickness and activity compensation or income support.
Mr Brown refused to tell his boss he was giving people claiming sickness benefit pounds 40 a week sweeteners to encourage them to get a job.
The Emerys do not attempt to provide a history of the IOOF; their focus is on the sickness benefit.
In response to an aging membership, the Odd Fellows began to phase out the sickness benefit as early as the 1890s.
In 1991, the replacement rate in sickness benefit was lowered to 65 per cent for the first three days of illness, 80 per cent from the fourth to the ninetieth day, thereafter remaining at 90 per cent.
Edge is forced to rely on sickness benefit and, until recently, he was unaware that there was money for him in a pension fund.
In recognition and acceptance of absenteeism as a "legitimate" labor market phenomenon, all of the developed market economies of the world (with the notable exception of the us) have institutionalized national sickness benefit programs under the rubric of social security.
Furthermore, absences from work because of illness (usually giving rise to sickness benefit entitlement) can exceed over 5 per cent of those in employment.
Public invitation to tender town Baden, UVG, UVG additives and sickness benefit insurance.
In the first of a series of three, the guinea pigs are pensioner Melvyn, pictured, Karen who's on sickness benefit and unable to work and Craig who receives disability allowance on account of his spina bifida.
If the Government seriously addressed unemployment, underemployment, delays in benefit payments and sickness benefit reassessments, we'd have less hardship and demand for food banks.