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Synonyms for sickly

Synonyms for sickly

affected or tending to be affected with minor health problems

of or associated with sickness

Synonyms for sickly

unhealthy looking


Related Words

somewhat ill or prone to illness

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She reveals a generally essentialist set of opinions on women's health, with sickliness viewed as a desirably feminine attribute and, conversely, as retribution for unfeminine behaviour.
Fanny's sickliness is a manifestation of her virtue: it places her in a long line of the "sick, the weak and the dying" whose suffering testifies to their "peculiar sanctity.
AS the scrawny, size-eight figure took centre-stage in a rosebud pink, insipid bridesmaid-style frock I knew we were in for a performance of sickliness unparalleled in Oscar history.
They move from sickliness to health as they spend more and more time out of doors.
Dorn's poem, much less confident than Antin's talk about the irrelevance of British culture in the United States or the sickliness of its influence there, at first seems rooted in the longstanding American desire to assert national identity against all that which might be thought to cover it over.
They feared not only that Jewish sickliness kept them from being accepted as healthy "normal" Europeans but also that they, too, could get sick someday.
It is only just that we question the source of Linton's spinelessness, spitefulness, sickliness and moral turpitude.
Socrates later notes, for example, that sickliness actually proved to be a boon to another of his comrades, Theages (496b6-c3).
LR: It's no longer in the mode of sickliness but in the mode of health.
Zeena's talkativeness, which had been pleasing to Ethan during his mother's illness, quickly subsided, however, and within a year of their marriage Zeena developed the sickliness that was to plague her husband all her life.
In the case of Adrien's bed, it may be assumed that Benassis is concerned to discourage the masturbatory practices that he covertly presents as being the real reason for the boy's sickliness and arrested development.
I was expecting something quite similar to Baileys' chocolate version and was concerned about the sickliness.
Sadly, Nigella has overegged her pudding to the point of sickliness.
However, the associations between sickliness and sensibility have already been documented; (17) in the present context, they have served only to illustrate the connections between nervous and emotional sensibility in eighteenth-century Germany.