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Synonyms for sickly

Synonyms for sickly

affected or tending to be affected with minor health problems

of or associated with sickness

Synonyms for sickly

unhealthy looking


Related Words

somewhat ill or prone to illness

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The sleeve notes include some of the sickliest dedications I've ever read.
The general appearance of the bottle would suggest the contents should resemble something equivalent to Scruttocks Old Bowl Snorter while the insipid yellow of the label alludes to the sickliest of pilsners.
It should have been the corniest, sickliest thing on screen since Debbie Reynolds in The Singing Nun.
The duty of a community of faith is to extend its care to the weakest, sickliest members - not to destroy them.
Later this month, workers will begin cutting down about 1,400 of the ranch's sickliest trees.
4) Carlyle had first used the term in an 1838 essay on Walter Scott, in which he dispatched recent Romantic literature as "the sickliest of recorded ages, when British literature lay all puking and sprawling in Werterism (sic), Byronism, and other Sentimentalism tearful or spasmodic (fruit of internal wind)" (The Works of Thomas Carlyle, Vol.