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Synonyms for sickly

Synonyms for sickly

affected or tending to be affected with minor health problems

of or associated with sickness

Synonyms for sickly

unhealthy looking


Related Words

somewhat ill or prone to illness

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It is gratifying to see how quickly long words appear embedded in pi: CAD 3, CASH 8, EQUIP 15, CASHER 16 (DEMISE 18), CADAVER 16 (DIMPLED 24), SICKLIER 36 (CADAVERS 37), CADAVERIC 25, CADAVEROUS 44 (INSCRIBING 47), COMPETITIVE 65, EPIGLOTTISES 59
It's a snap to whip up: in a large bowl, mix 1/2 cup warm water, 1/2 cup Elmer's Glue, and a dash of food coloring (for some reason, green coloring is a big hit, and the sicklier the shade, the better).
They hope to produce sicklier versions either by breeding these mice with others suffering from a related hemoglobin abnormality called thalassemia or by boosting the expression of the inserted sickling gene.
HE looked greyer and sicklier than death warmed up.
Stevenson was a sickly child who grew up to be an even sicklier man, plagued by consumption.