sickle-cell anemia

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Can you describe your meeting with a Nigerian delegation in search of a sickle-cell anemia drug that turned things around for you?
A multi-disciplinary team of expert specialists has been tasked to follow-up medical treatment of cases of severe sickle-cell anemia patients.
Inhalation of nitric oxide gas may reverse the defect behind sickle-cell anemia, according to a preliminary report.
For people with blood disorders such as thalassemia or sickle-cell anemia, repeated blood transfusions become a part of life.
Stem cells taken from cord blood are used to treat a variety of cancers, such as Hodgkin's disease, as well as genetic diseases like sickle-cell anemia, and immune system disorders such as severe combined immunodeficiency disorder.
For example, having two mutant copies of a certain hemoglobin gene results in sickle-cell anemia, but possessing one mutant and one normal gene bestows resistance to malaria.
In particular, the expertise of the SAB will assist NaPro scientists in bringing this technology to bear on sickle-cell anemia, Huntington's disease, and the problem of the emergence of drug resistant cancer cells as a result of chemotherapy.
In a research effort that one admiring scientist calls a "tour de force," a California team has genetically engineered mice to have sickle-cell anemia.
The study was a small one, involving just two pregnant women-one who feared that her baby might be born with sickle-cell anemia and another who worried that her baby might inherit a hemoglobin deficiency called thalassemia.
The company has four Phase II clinical trials of CPC-111 currently in progress in coronary artery bypass grafting surgery, ischemic congestive heart failure, sickle-cell anemia crisis and the acute complications of angioplasty.