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Synonyms for sickish

feeling nausea

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The dining room has the slightly sickish smell of seafood and sweet island fruits.
Rather weak and sickish this morning, and all about a piece of bread," he complained in 1869.
Alongside this sickish thematic evolves Currin's increasingly pronounced dabbling in the art-historical warehouse.
After Daddy's joke, the cold, sickish feeling in my stomach eased up, and I went in and called Uncle Vic and the three of us had a pleasant meal.
In the scene in which Jodie cuts Goldy's throat, the dehumanization of Black people through captivity in Harlem is paralleled to the naturalization of the sound of the train on 125th Street, and an eroticization of the blood which runs out of Goldy's wound "turned back like bleeding lips": "The sweet sickish perfume of fresh blood came up from the crap-smelling street, mingled with the foul tenement smell of Harlem" (106).