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the bed on which a sick person lies

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It's a blow to us, and that's why Vaughany did ever so well to get off his sickbed to contribute like he did.
KARIM El Ahmadi has dragged himself from his sickbed this week to fight for a place in the Villa side.
DAVID Gold will step off his sickbed to take his seat in the Villa Park directors box this weekend.
However, the two officers removed him from his sickbed and took him to the West Bank despite his critical condition.
As the story opens, Alamayu lies on his sickbed in Rugby School and his mind drifts back to his early life in Africa where he lived with his autocratic father, the Emperor Theodore, and his proud mother, Queen Tirunesh.
Sir Harold issued a considered and lengthy statement last night, after a bitter attack by Lady Falkender from her sickbed, in which she branded the stories as "wild and inaccurate" and reflecting poorly on someone who was supposed to be a loyal and trusted adviser.
A close family friend said his condition was "not good" and wife Dwina had not left his sickbed.
The Wrexham-born ex-Wales player has climbed off his sickbed to appear at Wembley Arena this weekend.
DUBAI, October 24, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Long sickbed Nusrat Bhutto passed away on Sunday here in private hospital where her clinic death was declared for years.
Spurred on by the Japanese saying that one who folded 1,000 cranes was granted a wish, Sadako started folding cranes on her sickbed.
I can't help feeling the organisers are being unreasonable expecting one player to get off his sickbed and the other to fly half way round the world when they don't even need to be in the same venue.
Topics from later periods include the apostolic fathers, those called Gnostics and related groups, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian and Cyprian in Carthage, infant baptism, Origen, fourth-century Syriac writers, Cappadocia, sickbed baptism, Spain, Cyril of Alexandria and the Coptic rite, and Augustine of Hippo.
Spending Christmas and New Year bound to my sickbed by tubes and drip-feeds, with the mobility of an Egyptian mummy following complicated surgery on my spine, my heart played with the usage of the word 'siege', as I reflected on the conditions of the silent majority of non-partisan Gazans in the thick of a bloody war.
By the time you read this, I'll hopefully be out of my sickbed, into one of our new CURVE tees (designed by Rigged Outfitter's Parisa