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(nautical) a room for the treatment of the sick or injured (as on a ship)


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At the core of MIC's technology and services is the Sickbay Clinical Platform, which serves as a data collection, aggregation and transformation engine.
The unusually large number of complaints has forced an immediate inquiry into the water quality at the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Aquatics Complex, an obvious suspect since almost all those reporting to the sickbay have been swimmers.
Once out of danger, Kevin was taken straight to the sickbay for examination and treatment.
He also digresses at some points especially in the chapter about sickbay.
During a routine visit to one of the harvesting machines, Sam's health deteriorates and he wakes in sickbay to the familiar voice of resident computer GERTY (Kevin Spacey), with no recollection how he got back to base.
Sam wakes in sickbay to the familiar voice of resident computer GERTY with no recollection of how he got there, but the computer is evasive.
Although the chief medical officer might as well, given that budget cutbacks had reduced sickbay supplies to discount bags of aspirin and bulk supplies of sacks of plaster of paris.
Bones" McCoy, the medical officer, takes a crew member of the Starship Enterprise to the Sickbay and uses scanners to quickly diagnose the patient.
Later in The Commodore, FID again occurs without focalization on a single character, and therefore without identifying the source of the discourse: Maturin, shocked at the wholly inadequate sickbay provided for him in Bellona, confronts her captain, Tom Pullings, and Aubrey:
His executive officer, Ensign Lennie Thom, mentioned Kennedy's back problems in his letters home, but said his skipper refused to go to sickbay.
These symptoms, however, eased in a matter of hours, after the victims had used an eyewash station in nearby sickbay, discarded fuel-soaked clothing and equipment, and showered.
Edmonton's sickbay was jammed with so many injured regulars that MacTavish could dress only 17 skaters, one brick shy of the normal 18-man load.
The nurses at my hospital's sickbay refused to give me my 2 months' supply of medication.
MICHAEL CHOPRA cheated the sickbay to score the first hat-trick of his career and lift Cardiff back into the top six.
He was last night in the warship's sickbay on the way to Barbados.