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Looking after a sick person round the clock can be emotionally draining.
In the room of a very sick person, on the wall, the mystery of his icon can seem endless.
And he asked: "What sort of sick person would do a thing like that?
1 - this is a sick person,'' Victor Rodriguez, the parole board's chairman, said at a news conference in which he held up photographs of McQuay.
To make the first questions one puts to a sick person (in my case, to a person terminally ill) bear on money is showing oneself and one's institution retarded in basic humanity.
Sick person of the week, played by Sex And The City's Ron Livingston, is Dr Sebastian Charles.
Every sick person should be entitled to the medication they need.
There is a message about Childline on the side of the packet so perhaps the glass has been put in by some sick person.
We are worried there is a very sick person out there.
They understandably want to do the best for a mentally sick person.
The Agriculture Minister said: "I am shocked - he is a very sick person.
It takes a real sick person to attack a tiny girl like that.
He said: "This was an absolutely despicable incident directed at an ambulance crew providing a public service to a sick person.
In the letter approved by Muturi, Washiali had appointed MPs Ali Fatuma of Wajir to act in the absence of Rehema Hassan of Tana River, who was taking care of a sick person.
The two alert home guards reportedly were well versed with the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) method and administered chest compressions and rescue breaths to the sick person and revived him.