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wages paid to an employee who is on sick leave

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Her programme won't end the growth of zero hours contracts - with no holiday or sick pay to enforce - or the imposition of bogus self-employment on workers desperate for wages.
Ministers said they planned to go further than the review's proposals by enforcing workers' holiday and sick pay for the first time.
Almost a third of HR professionals said the qualifying period for their company sick pay schemes is between one and two years.
A third of bosses say they also have a qualifying period for when staff become eligible for company sick pay - and it's between one and two years' service.
Virgin East Coast are also seeking to unilaterally enforce changes to working and conditions, including sick pay arrangements, which would have a major impact on our members' working lives.
They say workers' rights to sick pay have been slashed in recent years by the firm.
There are some more helpful suggestions, including enabling HMRC to enforce payment of sick pay and holiday pay and ensuring those working in complex supply chains that use agencies or umbrella companies actually know who their employer is.
Tender LAA, UVGZ and sick pay insurance municipality of Emmen (the exact scope is defined in the tender documents).
The psychiatrist is also said to have defrauded the NHS Trust in a similar way between May and November 2013, again by carrying out private paid work while receiving sick pay.
Two-fifths of zero-hours workers earn less than 11 a week - the qualifying threshold for statutory sick pay - compared to one in 12 permanent employees, said the report, published to mark the start of the TUC's Decent Jobs Week.
The most serious problem appears to be that Richardson may have overdrawn her "time management" account - that is, she may have claimed compensation for more sick pay and vacation time than she had actually accrued.
It appears that many companies are either unsure of their responsibilities in terms of sick pay obligations, or just continue to pay those who are off sick long-term, despite them contributing nothing to the profitability of the business.
IN COVERAGE of a GMC disciplinary panel hearing, we said that Dr Chinatu Davies Akano was contracted to start and finish different medical jobs at the same time and that he had claimed sick pay from Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust while working for other hospitals in South Wales.
UP to 150,000 farm workers are to lose guaranteed wages, sick pay and holidays by Christmas.
PUBLIC sector employers are being urged to give sick pay to all their workers after a study found it was not being paid to some cleaning and catering staff in schools and hospitals.