sick headache

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Synonyms for sick headache

a headache accompanied by nausea

a severe recurring vascular headache

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At last, with the girl's help, I carried Juliette to her room, gave orders that she was not to be disturbed, and that every one must be told that the Countess was suffering from a sick headache.
The symptoms that may be used to confirm this include cold extremities, sick headaches in the early morning, indigestion, palpitations or vertigo, prostration, hypertension, dizziness, nausea, confusion and lack of concentration.
General Ulysses Grant applied mustard packs to his feet, hoping to draw his frequent sick headaches from his head.
McTavish records an 1822 practitioner's recommendation for treating sick headache.
IRIS VERSICOLOR A favourite remedy for sick headaches or migraine, where the condition is preceded by a blurring of the vision and sour, watery vomiting.