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"There are studies that show a combination of sensitivity to environment and stress can greatly contribute to sick building syndrome," explained doctor Elizabeth Rondain of the Section of Psychiatry.
The building was diagnosed with 'sick building syndrome', after a number of staff were hospitalised earlier last week for breaking out in a rash, losing consciousness and vomiting.
When these combine with moisture, it creates ideal conditions for microbial growth--leading to sick building syndrome and associated problems such as an increase in respiratory, allergic and asthmatic and immune system reactions.
MICHELLE MURPHY HAS drawn on her own extensive academic studies and practical career, as well as knowledge based on work with colleagues to write a thorough work on the problem of sick building syndrome. This syndrome is comprised of a wide variety of symptoms that can affect people to different degrees, and was initially recognized in the early 1980s, although there are still those making arguments against the existence of the problem.
Usually sick building syndrome is associated with commercial buildings, but residential homes can also trigger symptoms.
The greater volume of air, he says, makes it possible to flush more VOCs out of the air, reducing the likelihood of sick building syndrome.
That specificity began trickling down to interiors upon the emergence of sick building syndrome research that revealed the poor air quality in many of Manhattan's buildings was impacting workers performance.
Productivity losses from Sick Building Syndrome are estimated to cost $50 billion annually, according to information from EHS Services Inc., an environmental, health, workplace safety, and quality management consulting firm.
Poor indoor environmental quality (IEQ) has been related to increases in sick building syndrome (SBS) symptoms, respiratory illnesses, sick leave, and loss in productivity.
Sick Building Syndrome has been with us for around 20 years.
This third edition provides new information on ecologically conscious design and on failures of design resulting in specific outcomes such as sick building syndrome and the collapse of the World Trade Center.
Q A FRIEND claims our office has sick building syndrome. How would we know for sure?
Shipments of ventilators gained 10.8 percent as demand for ventilating systems grew due to a revision in July of a building regulation, which in principle requires that all rooms be equipped with ventilators to prevent sick building syndrome.
1999: Computer VDUs were blamed for causing sick building syndrome through radiation.
Other services include assessments of indoor air quality - which is recognised as a major contributor to Sick Building Syndrome, one of the biggest problems facing the workplace.