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money paid (by the government) to someone who is too ill to work

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Dorothy is being supported by her MP Jim Cunningham - who says a wait of nine to 12 months for sick benefits is sadly now the norm rather than the exception because of the benefits cap introduced earlier this year.
Lara moved to Ireland from Italy 20 years ago and paid her taxes up until she was forced to go on sick benefit two years ago.
If the visitors approved the claim, after a waiting period of a few days the ill worker received his sick benefit of about $5.
Although employees who earn at least pounds 66 per week on average are entitled to statutory sick benefit of at least pounds 59.
PRIME Minister Tony Blair visited a supermarket as part of his drive to get up to one million people off sick benefit and back to work.
I RECENTLY came across a Pioneer Sick Benefit & Provident Society dividend certificate.
Neither of those things happened as only nine people died saving the Government considerably less than they'll kill when they cut sick benefit.
Surgeries in Wallsend have invited employment advisers to run advice sessions and give one-to-one support to people who have been on long-term sick benefit but want to get back to work.
get off the sick benefit and find yourself a job' is the message from Tony Blair, right, and his new Labour Government.
Millions of pounds is being paid out in the North East to people on sick benefit.
Fullarton's statement of "I would be ashamed to take sick benefit at all".
Mary's husband David, who is on sick benefit, worked as a labourer in London and says the whole family is so fed up with their cramped living conditions that they are considering returning to Britain.
He has been homeless and working tirelessly with his busking for over 10 years out of necessity since losing his sick benefits.
The Insurance Code defines an MBA as 'a non-stock and non-profit organization which is primarily organized for the purpose of paying sick benefits to members, or of furnishing financial support to members while out of employment, or of paying to relatives of deceased members of fixed or any sum of money, irrespective of whether such purpose is carried out by means of fixed dues collected regularly.