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urge to attack someone


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The parties will attempt to go about their ritual business, ignoring the mischief outside the convention centers, and both parties will make the mistake of siccing the cops on the protestors.
Sommer, Taking the Pit Bull Off the Leash: Siccing the Endangered Species Act on Climate Change, 36 B.C.
An officer siccing his dog (exploitation of animals) on the homeowner instead of the suspect, saying when he saw the man was white, the suspect black, he called the dog off.
With no dissents, the committee concluded, "Senior officials in the United States government solicited information on how to use aggressive techniques, redefined the law to create the appearance of their legality, and authorized their use against detainees." Stress positions, subjection to loud music or extreme temperatures, stripping prisoners naked and humiliating them, leashing them like animals, siccing dogs on them--these sadisms were enumerated and discussed at length by cabinet officials, then authorized.
President Fox's star is waning since he is accused of siccing the dogs on Lopez Obrador in an effort to block his candidacy.