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one related by blood or origin

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This project forms a small part of the SIB property, which is jointly controlled by Eskay Mining and St Andrew Goldfields Ltd.
If the SIB performance targets are met, the Government will pay back the investor, plus a return; if they are not met, the Government still has to pay, so the State has to pay regardless.
The RBI has set a two per cent criteria (individual bank assets as percentage of GDP) to commence Domestic SIB (DSIB) identification, and will also take into consideration other operations such as derivatives trading and specialised services, relevant in case of foreign banks.
However, improving awareness among Indian customers regarding alternative storage technologies such as flywheels, fuel cells and ultra capacitors may rein in SIB market potential.
lawmakers and business leaders to begin to initiate pilot SIB programs in the United States.
Indeed, "[t]here are seven stakeholder groups involved in a SIB: constituents (the direct beneficiaries of the social services), government, nonprofit service providers, investors, intermediaries (responsible for overall SIB project management), evaluation advisors (to help monitor and refine the program), and independent assessors (to determine if SIB targets are met).
In addition to screening documentaries supported by SIB in the Festival's official program, SIB is sponsoring the organization of a panel entitled "Family Portraits in Arab Documentary" tackling the emergence of this genre of documentaries in the Arab World over the past few years, among which many were supported by SIB's film fund.
The contractual arrangements behind the SIB are viewed as complex;
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 25, 2011--Fitch assings final BBB+ rating to SIB Sukuk's USD400m trust certificates(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
SIB CEO, HE Mohammed Abdulla, said, 'This was the first time that SIB was nominated for this Award, and we are delighted that our efforts to provide the best, most transparent and most ethical Islamic banking services, and to implement the latest compliance technology, have been recognised with such a prestigious honour, particularly given the competition in the GCC's Islamic banking sector.
Students with a history of SIB were separated into two groups: those students who self-injured only once and those who had harmed themselves multiple times.
A specialised wing set up by the state police to deal exclusively with Maoist activities across the state, the SIB has achieved major breakthroughs in the last five years.
Summary: The Joint Liquidators of Stanford International Bank Ltd - in Liquidation (SIB), Nigel Hamilton-Smith and Peter Wastell of Vantis Business Recovery Services, wish to provide an update in relation to SIB.
Mohammed Abdullah, SIB Chief Executive Officer, says of the Bank's initiative: "SIB's contribution to the Zakat Fund is aimed at supporting efforts seeking an integral and united society.
This strategic partnership will enable SIB customers to access Noor Takaful's motor insurance plans for their currently owned or newly purchased sedans and 4x4s at preferential rates and with minimum documentation, said a statement from the bank.