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large black gibbon of Sumatra having the 2nd and 3rd toes partially united by a web

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Melissa McGovern, ITSM practise head at Siamang said, Key to our customers is the requirement for software that is cost effective over the entire lifecycle.
The glossy, black-furred Siamangs are highly vocal, with distinctive inflatable throat sacs which produce a whooping, bellowing and screaming chorus audible throughout the park.
The Siamangs, which can live to 40, are an endangered species due to the deforestation of their habitat in Malaysia and Sumatra.
Look at this siamang (SEE-uh-mung) hooting (right).
Drama unfolded when a handful of Chiefs supporters on the western stand created a hostile environment for referee, Kutlwano Leso accusing him of harshly awarding the visitors their second goal whilst their goalkeeper, Siamang Kgosipula was down injured.
The family are siamang gibbons, which are endangered in the wild.
Gerry Creighton notices a mysterious lump on the breast of one of Dublin Zoo's Siamang Gibbons and is determined to find out if it poses a risk to her health.
Wild Welsh Zoo (BBC1 Wales, 8pm) There's to be a love match for Steve the Siamang gibbon in this week's episode.
As Anderson mentioned that the zoo has a collection of four San Francisco garter snakes, Siamang monkeys screeched and clanked around in their nearby cages.