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a stone formed in the salivary gland

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Giant submandibular sialolith of remarkable size in the comma area of Wharton's duct: a case report.
44%) including tongue lacerations, salivary duct obstruction due to sialolith and salivary mucocele.
Plain radiographs were obtained in standard antero-posterior and lateral-oblique projections to detect radiopaque sialoliths.
Multifocal sialoceles and sialoliths in a yellow-naped Amazon parrot (Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata) with chronic ptyalism.
Multiple sialoliths and a sialolith of unusual size in the submandibular duct: a case report.
Giant Sialolith, Case report and review of literature.
A sialolith is a calculus of the salivary system generally composed of calcium phosphate or carbonate.
Once the sialolith was located, it was distally fixed with a suture in order to prevent any movement along the duct during the procedure.
A sialolith in the anterior third of a Stensen duct usually can be extracted in a minimally invasive manner via transoral sialolithotomy to avoid the morbidity associated with a sialadenectomy.
Cases of plunging ranula formation have also been reported secondary to surgical procedures for sialolith removal, duct transposition and implant placement.
The MRI confirmed the presence of a superficial parotid mass with a central hypointensity, thought to be a calcification or sialolith (figure 1).
Therefore based on the radio graphical and ultrasound findings, a final diagnosis of intraglandular sialolith of right submandibular gland was established.
On the right, the patient had a giant (35 x 35 mm) sialolith that had fistulized into the oral cavity.
The aim of this case report is to highlight a case of a very rare giant sialolith.