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Synonyms for shyster

a person (especially a lawyer or politician) who uses unscrupulous or unethical methods


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Ergo, the other party often looks at the lawyer as the repository of all that is evil with its enemy party - the shrewd shyster, capable of spinning yarns and untruths only to help his pernicious client
Come on you guys, give The Shyster a break and shut up for a few minutes
The show has been produced in conjunction with sister company shyster.
Why couldn't Dick Ebersol have dreamed this up with that shyster Vince McMahon back in 2001?
I saved thousands of dollars repairing my own vehicles and thousands more in not getting taken by shyster auto repairmen urging me to fix problems that didn't exist.
This Pope, even in his extreme dotage, should have better things to do but talk about peace with this shyster.
He must prove himself by taking care of his nearly bankrupt mother -- which means turning shyster and demanding rent money from Ellis.
I know it is an essential aspect of the democratic process, but it always feels like some kind of medicine show where we're all being sold snake oil to cure all ills, with each shyster slagging off the other shysters.
It's all too easy, it seems, for any shyster displaying false colours to be selected for election to Parliament for all the wrong hidden reasons.
A COUPLE of days ago, AW had a go at Nick Clegg for being a millionaire, conveniently omitting that multi-millionaire Labour shyster Tony Blair.
Seems now that the workers' comp thing passed, we won't be seeing many more of those TV ads showing that happy camper saying things like, ``I fell down drunk on the job, skinned my knee, and the law firm of Shyster, Shyster, Schmuck got me a million dollars.
Shyster means anyone, but usually a lawyer, who practises business in a tricky or unprofessional manner.
Matthau won a best supporting actor Oscar for his role as a shyster lawyer.
It's all too easy, it seems, for any shyster to pull the wool over the eyes of a body of selectors.
Already we know the courts are hopeless when it comes to providing protection for vulnerable witnesses and have done little to curb shyster lawyers who are happy to play fast and loose with the law on behalf of crooked - but rich - clients.