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Synonyms for shyster

a person (especially a lawyer or politician) who uses unscrupulous or unethical methods


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The Shysters is a pioneering group of city performers with learning disabilities and their shows are in demand across the region.
Ergo, the other party often looks at the lawyer as the repository of all that is evil with its enemy party - the shrewd shyster, capable of spinning yarns and untruths only to help his pernicious client!
Another story involves a "shyster" traveling boot salesman who came to the Capitol with the promise of handmade cowboy boots with the Texas seal and left with thousands of dollars in orders that were never delivered.
He was a shyster, for sure, but not quite the evildoer of the popular imagination.
"Everybody sit down and shut up!" The Shyster yelled.
No, I could not, but somewhere some belt-and-suspenders shyster could, and did.
Large areas have become dumping grounds for shyster construction companies and fly-tippers.
It leads on dull accountant Leo Bloom (a warmly charismatic Manford) and shyster theatre impresario Max Bialystock (Cory English, playing the sly buffoon), and their quest to make a fortune by deliberately staging a flop musical.
It's all too easy, it seems, for any shyster displaying false colours to be selected for election to Parliament for all the wrong hidden reasons.
I saved thousands of dollars repairing my own vehicles and thousands more in not getting taken by shyster auto repairmen urging me to fix problems that didn't exist.
Ada Phyllis Newman Harry Fisher Stevens Eliy Saundra McClain Rebecca Annabella Sciorra Ellis Charles Malik Whitfield Bryan Goluboff's new play "Shyster" works most effectively when it's showcasing the offbeat talents of Fisher Stevens.
This Pope, even in his extreme dotage, should have better things to do but talk about peace with this shyster.
Our society is one where every shyster is competing with every other shyster to catch us out, hook us in and screw us up.
Salmond compared the referendum experience to how a "shyster" group embezzled cash from an elderly
Rappaport revives the "shyster lawyer" techniques with which he exposed the homoeroticism lurking in Hudson's films, using stop action, slow motion, and crafty editing to insinuate new meaning into old movie clips.