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Synonyms for shuttlecock

badminton equipment consisting of a ball of cork or rubber with a crown of feathers

send or toss to and fro, like a shuttlecock

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Across the Hooghly River, about 40 kilometres from Kolkata, on the outskirts of Uluberia town, more than 5,000 people are employed in about 60-70 small and big units that produce more than 800 barrels of shuttlecocks every day.
Keith Bunnett had four nice fish to 3lb 8oz and lost a few on black shuttlecocks from the top of the moor side, while boat angler Les Davison caught 13 to 4lb over two trips fishing out from the point.
What is most impressive about the list is its very narrow focus--badminton shuttlecocks, rather than sporting equipment.
On Tuesday, a Chinese pair, an Indonesian pair and two South Korean pair were caught red handed while deliberately trying to throw the matches: at times, they were serving downward into the net; their opponents, in return, hit the shuttlecock either long or wide just to vent their frustration.
The defense ministry will roll out the racquets and shuttlecocks for the badminton force trials next year.
The coaches were then invited to get hands-on with all the new equipment available, Level 2 coaches were teamed with the rest of the group and the teams were tasked - arranging and delivering mini drills to groups of players (using all the different equipment including paper balls, fluff balls and a variety of different shuttlecocks and rackets)" added Hayley.
And the shorts with the shuttlecocks down them too.
Most studies in the past explored the speed of shuttlecocks.
Our school has a badminton net, rackets and shuttlecocks and we even practice at playtimes
It does make you wonder why they need so much space for a raquet and a couple of shuttlecocks.
Why not try washing machine parts, shuttlecocks, sweet wrappers or marshmallows?
Starting out by shoving shuttlecocks down his shorts in Wham
Shuttlecocks are made of a base of some light material, such as cork, with trimmed feathers fixed around the top.
The Whitney's two charcoal studies of Perfume Bottle, Fallen, 1992, show something of Oldenburg's caricatural drama and touch; but Soft Shuttlecocks, Falling, Number Two, 1995, looks like a fancy illustration.
The raw data for this research are videotapes that capture the trajectories of sports projectiles, including javelins, golf balls, boomerangs, and shuttlecocks.