shuttle diplomacy

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international negotiations conducted by a mediator who frequently flies back and forth between the negotiating parties

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The shuttle diplomacy comes ahead of a meeting of foreign ministers on Saturday in Saudi Arabia where it will put into action the Riyadh Agreement that hopes to settling the dispute with Qatar over its support to Muslim Brotherhood.
Hamas and Israel began the 12-hour pause on Saturday after intensive regional shuttle diplomacy by U.
After more than a year of intensive shuttle diplomacy by Kerry, with the initial aim of brokering a deal by April 29, both Israel and the Palestinians moved to distance themselves from the crisis-hit talks.
As important as telephone diplomacy is, shuttle diplomacy is also now needed, given the continuing risks of conflict.
Summary: US Secretary of State is seeking to push forward Israeli-Palestinian peace talks on third day of shuttle diplomacy.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Shuttle diplomacy involving the UN, as well as the United States, is under way to break a deadlock on a joint statement that the Greek Cypriots want before talks on the reunification of Cyprus can resume and a breakthrough could come in a matter of days, the Turkish Cypriot foreign minister said on Friday.
Kerry spent months engaging in shuttle diplomacy between the two sides before they agreed to return to the table after a five-year freeze in negotiations.
The talks were expected to begin on Tuesday after months of intense shuttle diplomacy by US Secretary of State John Kerry.
The possibility of direct negotiations now looks more real than it has in years, thanks to the old-fashioned shuttle diplomacy of U.
SHUTTLE DIPLOMACY The ICAO's 36-member leadership council is scheduled to meet on September 4, when it is expected to discuss a final resolution.
The three way deal was reported on Channel Two Monday night, and was made in recent days during the shuttle diplomacy Secretary of State John Kerry and his staff was engaged in.
The deal was brokered by the new Islamist government of Egypt, solidifying its role as a leader in the quickly-shifting Middle East after two days of intense shuttle diplomacy that saw US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton race to the region.
However, it cannot have escaped the notice of even the most disinterested observer of international affairs that while all this shuttle diplomacy is being undertaken by the great and the good, the world's longest-running conflict, and perhaps its most tragic, has entered another phase.
The UN's shuttle diplomacy would also continue, Eroglu said.
17 and 18 for summit talks with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda as part of shuttle diplomacy, diplomatic sources said Friday.
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