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Synonyms for shuteye

the natural recurring condition of suspended consciousness by which the body rests


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informal term for sleep

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It may seem like an obvious one, but cancelling out any surrounding noise will make it easier for your mind and body to relax, therefore allowing you to get some shuteye. Try picking up a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and listening to a podcast at a low volume.
The cult of "manly wakefulness" (as opposed to female "beauty sleep" ), as Prof Alan Derickson coined it in his 2013 book Dangerously Sleepy, has been superseded -- now we see a bit more shuteye and a bit less beep-de-beep as no bad thing.
In everyday culture, less sleep is always equated with one being more productive and disciplined, whereas if you like your shuteye, you're considered "lazy"; which is why, perhaps, there are unflattering terms for such folks - like "sleepyhead".
The less men sleep, the smaller their testicles - news which might persuade the US President to get more shuteye.
The other is storyteller Ole Shuteye (Niall Ashdown) and his acting troupe who appear on the strike of a match, fresh tale in hand.
But sleep is a vital driver of every physiological system in the human body, and when we're deprived of shuteye, health and wellbeing can suffer in many ways.
NYT Syndicate Teens sleep less than they used to, sacrificing shuteye to spend more time on their phones and tablets.
At 6 a.m., with hardly any shuteye, I finally put my master's thesis to bed, ready to be shaken awake by a panel shortly after.
Napercisers will be invited to curl up in one of the beds and indulge in some restorative mid-afternoon shuteye before continuing on with their day.
Ensuring adequate sleep and practicing good sleep habits should be a health priority, stresses CDC, which also advises employers to consider adjusting work schedules to allow their workers sufficient shuteye, as well as providing them with tools and tips for a healthy sleep.
The odds that someone who sleeps five or fewer hours a night had caught a cold in the past month were 28% higher than for folks who regularly get more shuteye, the study found, as reported by
ORLANDO-Hypertensives who sleep 5 hours or less per night have significantly higher all-cause mortality than those who get more shuteye, according to an analysis from the Penn State Adult Cohort Study.
We got no more shuteye here than we got in the Luftwaffe days.
Trying to get some shuteye when the cretin in front of you yanks open the window shade and slams you with a face full of brilliant sunshine and you could kill him.
So let's address the top questions keeping you up at night so that you can get a little more shuteye.