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Synonyms for shuteye

the natural recurring condition of suspended consciousness by which the body rests


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informal term for sleep

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The odds that someone who sleeps five or fewer hours a night had caught a cold in the past month were 28% higher than for folks who regularly get more shuteye, the study found, as reported by www.
Thatcher boasted that she needed just four hours' shuteye and Churchill could get by on just five.
ORLANDO-Hypertensives who sleep 5 hours or less per night have significantly higher all-cause mortality than those who get more shuteye, according to an analysis from the Penn State Adult Cohort Study.
We got no more shuteye here than we got in the Luftwaffe days.
The girls woke them up with queries in a few hours, oblivious to the tired couple's need for some shuteye, asking "Where are we?
Trying to get some shuteye when the cretin in front of you yanks open the window shade and slams you with a face full of brilliant sunshine and you could kill him.
The problem with this is that one man's idea of a nap might be another's version of Rip Van Winkle's shuteye.
So let's address the top questions keeping you up at night so that you can get a little more shuteye.
Gilligan won't, however, lose any shuteye if he doesn't pick up the award for writing--especially if it goes to his colleague Walley-Beckett.
If you don't get enough shuteye, you'll be more likely to be irritable, your judgment gets impaired, and your libido suffers, all of which affect your overall happiness.
It is well known that sleep is essential for health and a lack of shuteye is associated with everything from weight gain to cancer.
Not having enough shuteye can lead to serious problems with your brain and the rest of your body.
Soon she's neglecting her maternal duties again for some bedroom action with Edward, and that's not sleeping as vampires don't need shuteye.
Best airport micro-hotels proving that size is not everything Airports are no place to sleep, as any weary traveler who has tried to grab a few minutes shuteye during a layover can attest.