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place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape

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We talk about Sarah all the time, they look out at the sky and say good night to her, and I've made the house open plan so they're never shut away in their rooms," he added.
If women are repressed, shut away indoors like prisoners and treated as second class citizens, that country will never grow or develop.
After Tito's death in 1980, Broz lived largely in isolation, shut away in a crumbling state-owned villa in the Serbian capital without a passport or ID.
Every day the same, but when you've been shut away for all those hours, what alternative was there?
The resulting papers from the project, shut away since 1942, were kept safe from immolation by a wise librarian, who saw their worth.
Just about every kind of sculpture looks better amid grass, trees and sky - or even surrounded by sheep - than shut away inside a museum.
Sources added that the 32-year old television personality is in distress as she craves the spotlight, but now that her 36-year old boyfriend is taking over charge, she fears being shut away from the photographers and fans.
has spent the last three years shut away in a windowless basement creating the striking exhibition Routine Atrocity.
They are shut away until they reach an agreement by a two thirds majority.
Following a split ballot when they were first shut away amid the chapel's Renaissance splendour on Tuesday evening, the cardinal electors held a first full day of deliberations on Wednesday.
It was kind of shut away from the rest of the world.
One of these, the Mareorama--a kind of amusement-park ride evoking an ocean voyage, installed at the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1900--involved exactly the same structure as Just's piece, sandwiching its viewers between two screens of moving images that shut away the outside world.
For the rest of the time we were shut away in a dark hut where we were tortured.
A gate had been left open and we walked across the lot but were shut away from the falls by the other side of the fence.