shunt circuit

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a closed circuit in which the current divides into two or more paths before recombining to complete the circuit

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Li, "A comparative study on the dynamic characteristics of bladed disks with piezoelectric network and piezoelectric shunt circuit," in ASME Turbo Expo 2016: Turbomachinery Technical Conference and Exposition, p.
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The first step is to determine the effective material parameters of a single piezoelectric patch with external shunt circuit. The second step is to derive the effective material parameters of regions m and s of the unit cell.
Effect of External Shunt Circuit. In view of the equivalent negative-capacitance circuit shown in Figure 6, the contrast curves depicted in Figure 15 are the STLs corresponding to the negative capacitance -[C.sub.eq] of -0.1 [C.sub.p], -0.3 [C.sub.p], and -0.5 [C.sub.p], respectively.
Caption: FIGURE 3: Unit cell of periodic subwavelength structure: (a) top view and (b) equivalent flexible connection and piezoelectric shunt circuit.
This power source is unaffected by nonlinear loads and also provides 300 percent shunt circuit support for motor starting or clearing faults, Weimer added.
Inspecting Figure 1, the whole circuit represents a shunt circuit, as shown by the dotted boxes, which consists of upper and lower sections.
From a few tries using the ADS circuit simulator, the capacitance [C.sub.4] originally connected to the ground is now parallel to [C.sub.1] and connects to a shunt circuit block placed before [C.sub.1] in the LC circuit model as shown in Figure 11.
The shunt circuit consisting of [C.sub.5], [L.sub.5a] and [L.sub.5b] in Figure 11 can be realized by an added patch with its two z-directed edges short-circuited to the bilateral walls.
The OPA454 also has a low bias current of [+ or -]110 pA that allows accurate measurements from high impedance sources or sensitive current shunt circuits. Additional features include a fast-acting enable/disable pin referenced to the common pin, which can be ground.