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Synonyms for shuffle

Synonyms for shuffle

to drag (the feet) along the floor or ground while walking

to mix together so as to change the order of arrangement

to proceed or perform in an unsteady, faltering manner

to use evasive or deliberately vague language

to stray from truthfulness or sincerity

Synonyms for shuffle

the act of mixing cards haphazardly

walking with a slow dragging motion without lifting your feet

walk by dragging one's feet

Related Words

move about, move back and forth

Related Words

mix so as to make a random order or arrangement

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Meanwhile, playlists that are only available in shuffle mode now have a short list of artists and songs included in them.
Rain-softened ground forced George to take Double Shuffle out of the Charlie Hall Chase at Wetherby last Saturday, but his no-show at Wetherby is a blessing in disguise.
announced the nano and shuffle, which were smaller and slimmer alternatives for
The Shuffle offered a shrunken music player to people like runners, and the Nano was a tiny version of the popular iPod, reports The Independent.
(Good luck trying to find a cast album.) Wolfe has a few ideas why, which is part of what his show is about--though, as the subtitle he's given it, "Or, The Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed," indicates, the show promises in large part to be an original backstage drama that repurposes the score of the original Shuffle Along to tell the story of its creation and of the remarkable real-life figures who made it.
For those not up on their musical theater lore, Shuffle Along was a critical stop along the path to the Broadway musical we know today, beholden to black music and dance and culture and unthinkable without the musical contributions of African Americans like Sissle and Blake or without the pizzazz of legendary African-American performers like Josephine Baker and Lena Horne.
The bank said that it would shuffle the roles of several members of its board of directors.
A police lieutenant colonel, who requested anonymity, told Daily News Egypt that the hasty shuffle indicates the minister's determination to impose power among the high ranks in the ministry.
Glass, Euphoria's co-owner with his wife, Bonnie, is pretty sure the Truffle Shuffle run (or walk) burns off more calories than the truffle.
The 12 Shuffle family favourites boast a host of famous brands including Transformers, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Nerf, Play-Doh, Monopoly, Guess Who?, Trivial Pursuit, Cluedo, Battleship, Boggle Slam and Pictureka.
SINGER Bryson 'Cupid' Bernard is bringing his Cupid Shuffle to Bahrain this weekend.
De Bruijn sequences, the Gilbreath Principle (which lets the spectator shuffle a normal deck of cards with them still staying in an order that the magician can predict) and their connection with the Mandelbrot set (identical patterns that make up a larger identical pattern) are discussed in some detail and their applications in magic tricks dealt with.
A New Modified Shuffle Frog Leaping Algorithm for Non-Smooth Economic Dispatch, World Applied Sciences Journal, 12 (6) 803-814.
Dr Who-fan Liam, 13, from Dudley, North Tyneside, said he was "really happy" to find out he had won an iPod Shuffle for his efforts.
CONGRATULATIONS to Chris Rickaby whose e-novel Shuffle was a winner at the Publishing Innovation Awards in New York.