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provoking fear terror

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The detailed descriptions of the local political intrigues, brutally murdered people, plundered shops and burnt houses not only give a shuddery feeling to the readers, but also helps them appreciate the extent of Ordubadi's historical research which took almost two years to finish.
Daily Milliyet reached the shuddery photographs in al-Qaida cell in Ankara which was getting prepared for a bloody attack with 700 kg explosive.
In your criticism, you use a lot of slang--goofy, dude, oomph, shuddery, ingratiation-free, artistic outlawry--in combination with fancy vocabulary words, such as basilisk or raddled or epicene.
I expected a clunky, shuddery and gimcrack affair, but have to say I was mildly engaged by the Ford Mustang V8 and charming interior.
We search for the innermost sanctum, 'the shuddery penetralia of caves.