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shaking convulsively or violently

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He knew what was waiting for him there; saw it, indeed, and, shuddering, crushed with dank hands his burning lids as though he would have robbed the very brain of sight and driven the eyeballs back into their cave.
Here I have been shuddering for the last three days at the thought of your coming.
Her youthful friends stood apart, shuddering at the mourners, the shrouded bridegroom, and herself; the whole scene expressed, by the strongest imagery, the vain struggle of the gilded vanities of this world, when opposed to age, infirmity, sorrow, and death.
Shudder Just before the first plane hit the north face of the north tower Between the ninety-third and ninety-ninth floors, a number of People later reported there was a flickering of power, a brown-Out, just for an instant, as one man said--a sort of shuddering Through the building.
30 or 4am she had a reaction and was just shuddering," the Sun quoted Kevin as saying on ITV's This Morning.
1's recent return to form came to a shuddering halt as he carded a four-over 75 to miss the cut.
HE wiped away the tears, turned the key and, with a deep, shuddering breath, crossed the threshold into the dusty, empty, silent house, once a home.
Although the aircraft was shaking and shuddering, the pilot was eventually able to make a left turn and maneuver the aircraft to a downwind leg on the west side of the airport.
KEITH HILL watched his Rochdale side prove their promotion credentials by bringing Rotherham's charge towards League One to a shuddering halt.
The thought of a 20-week-old baby left in a freezing flat for want of a boiler repair would surely leave most parents shuddering.