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Synonyms for shuck

to let go or get rid of as being useless or defective, for example

Synonyms for shuck

material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds

remove from the shell

remove the shucks from

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Shuck Nation replaces season tickets as a prime offering of the franchise that arrived in Biloxi in summer 2015 from Huntsville, Ala.
Family friend Gary Bridson-Daley, seen in the video pushing Mr Shuck in his wheelchair, said the veteran died peacefully in the early hours of Saturday, surrounded by his family.
Competing for the Discovery House Family Violence Prevention Society, Geri Greenall said: I am immensely grateful to Macquarie for the opportunity to participate in the Fourth Annual Shuck Off.
It was a set of extraordinary women at the Don Edwards refuge--Tia Glagolev, Julie Kahrnoff, Genie Moore, Jennifer Heroux and Anne Morkill--who guided Shuck's path.
Shuck, of Ombersley Road, Worcester, appeared at Worcester Crown Court on Monday.
This paper seeks to examine the life of Henrietta Hall Shuck through the lens of emotion, with particular respect to her "emotionology." This term, coined by Peter and Carol Stearns, comprises "the attitudes or standards that a society, or a definable group within a society, maintains toward basic emotions and their appropriate expression." (4) When Henrietta became a missionary, not only did she leave behind her family and friends, but she also left behind the society in which her emotionology-her system of emotional dispositions-was formed.
Dave and Christine Shuck were not your normal marijuana growers.
He is hands-on when you ask him to teach you how to shuck an oyster without the shell flying off and landing on the next table.
(If desired, remove clams, shuck them and return shucked clams to pot.) Add fish stock and bring to a simmer.
Palin tweeted racially loaded term, "shuck and jive," accusing Obama of ignoring early e-mail warnings that a terror group had taken responsibility for the deadly protest last month at the U.S.
A $275 million development project that would enhance BNSF and Union Pacific's rail access at the Port of Vancouver, Wash., is expected to provide a boost to the port's status and give it a distinct identity apart from the other, far larger Vancouver up the Pacific Coast in Canada, according to Curtis Shuck, the port's director of economic development and facilities.
REBECCA Shuck, aged 19, is embarking on a once-in-alifetime opportunity to work on a cruise ship around the Caribbean for nine months, having begun training in London.
Scientists at the University of Georgia determined the survival and growth characteristics of Salmonella in high-Aw, 0.96 to 0.99, pecan nutmeats, in-shell pecans, and in the inedible components (shuck, shell and middle septum) of in-shell pecans.
she would shuck peas from the garden sitting on the front porch
Shuck, who specializes in the treatment of hormonal imbalances.