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Words related to shrug

a gesture involving the shoulders

Related Words

raise one's shoulders to indicate indifference or resignation

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Platinum was also up, shrugging off a depreciating South African rand amid fresh political turmoil and a downgrade of its credit rating to sub-investment grade.
Summary: US consumer spending rose in November by the most in three years and a gauge of planned business spending jumped, signs that households and companies are shrugging off some of the fears tighter fiscal policy could cause a recession.
Summary: Champions Chelsea demolished West Bromwich Albion 6-0, shrugging off poor pre-season form to launch their Premier League season in style.
Something tells me taking care of the children is exhausting and debilitating because she does this while you are sharing one-way conversations with a shrugging lady who does not want to know about your marriage because it's yours and it's nothing to do with her
The American Atlas may be grumbling, but he isn't shrugging yet.
So why do so many of us have the misconception that society is shrugging its shoulders?