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minimize the importance of, brush aside

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Mr Bradley said the woman had attacked him from behind, which he tried to 'shrug off' separate incident Rudland dignity' of had about 2017.
SHARE OFFERING: Debenhams hopes to shrug off its debt and take advantage of the recession
self-effacing, conscientious workers who go to class every day, take corrections, shrug off aches and pains, go onto the stage and make magic." They also depend upon photographers like Round to amplify that identity.--DORIS HERING
I couldn't just shrug off Alaska as a backwoods backwater in my mind; I knew better now.
Golf: Britain's Laura Davies, Catriona Matthew and Janice Moodie are aiming to shrug off jetlag in their bid for the coveted LPGA Tournament of Champions title starting tomorrow in Alabama.
'Tis the season to shrug off some of the responsibilities of the conscientious teacher.
Under ordinary circumstances, Ashcroft could easily shrug off this new clamor by arguing that the proposed measures are constitutionally suspect and would have done nothing to stop the September 11 attacks.
Generally speaking, an athlete should never "just shrug off" an opportunity for success.
When asked about it, sailors shrug off concerns with: "Happens everywhere.
Evolution has failed to turn dogs into couch potatoes, computer game addicts, or other variations on sedentary themes--no self-respecting dog would shrug off a run.
Three years ago, researchers announced they had found a gene that, when mutated, enables the parasite that causes the majority of the world's malaria to shrug off the widely used drug chloroquine (SN: 11/29/97, p.
I could understand intellectually that American courts are reservoirs of racist sentiment and have historically been hostile to black defendants, but a lifetime of propaganda about American "justice" is hard to shrug off.
But he insists it was much harder to shrug off the fog of frustration and disillusionment that hung over him during miserable spells at Wolves and Romanian side Astra Giurgiu.
I kn sure ever But M Wilfried Z fit for the shrug off He said: "We will have had nine days of hot weather training when we play Italy and I think we are ready.
CHELSEA chief executive Peter Kenyon has warned that the time has now come to shrug off the under-achievers tag and become the ``number one club in the world''.