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Xylanthemum Macropodum is similar in structure to the rest of the Asteraceae family having yellow flowers, erect shrubs and 30-40cm tall shrublet, which are slender, monocephalous and leafy.
This 3-foot shrub rose (breeders call it a shrublet) bears masses of single, buttercup yellow flowers with a hint of licorice scent.
In a sunny spot it makes a woody shrublet a couple of feet high and from spring to autumn offers up endless spikes of amethyst-coloured flowers.
(Leguminosae/Fabiaceae) locally known as Zeetah or Rasbaa is a perennial shrublet that is distributed in Africa South-West Europe northwest region of Saudi Arabia and adjacent areas [3].
They are erect shrublets or more or less prostrate herbaceous stems from a perennial base that are not or only very weakly twining.
Start by planning a bit of height in the form of tiny trees and shrublets that will give your miniature world its structure.
The rates of evaporation are highly variable and as might be expected are lower in woody plants (trees and shrubs) than in shrublets and herbaceous plants.
Pteridium aquilinum), shrublets Melastoma malabathricum and Rhodomyrtus tormentosa, various Macaranga species and a hill variety of Fagraea fragrans (tembesu).
Most are low-growing evergreen shrublets that rise 6 to 12 inches and spread 2 to 3 feet.