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Synonyms for shrubby

of or relating to or resembling a shrub

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The northern half of the property, which was apparently bulldozed to remove woody vegetation when the nursery closed, is now a shrubby old-field (IHAPI 2011).
Snowy mespilus or Amelanchier makes a shrubby tree and has white starry blooms in spring, emerging on bare branches and finishing as coppery–bronze leaves unfurl.
Hebe, Shrubby Veronica, reliable evergreen shrubs are among the most popular choices for gardeners as they come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit any garden.
This study aimed to investigate and compare soil properties under different cultivation regimes of seven leguminous crops (including creeping and shrubby forms), two grasses, and two types of nursery NR tree.
Another plant with bright yellow blooms is potentilla Gold Sovereign this is a ground covering perennial, with soft, if not a little hairy leaves, not to be confused with its shrubby relative.
In Brief: Crop diversification with shrubby legumes mixed with soybean and peanuts could be the key to sustaining the green revolution in Africa, according to a Michigan State University (MSU) study.
But after it becomes established in the ground, the mature, fruit-bearing growth becomes thicker, larger, heavier, almost shrubby and even invasive.
the primary tree species--have grown in a stunted, shrubby form, sporting multiple spindly trunks.
Their area may have a lot of tough planting, maybe ivy as ground cover so they can play among it, big bamboos or shrubby willows that you can coppice down.
When the plant changes from creeping and climbing, to its shrubby form it can grow into large evergreen bushes that are wonderful wildlife sanctuaries
As for shrubby herbs such as sage and bay, they can still be gathered from the garden.
I continued across the gully hoping the route might reappear and found myself clawing through a tangle of shrubby yellow cedar.
It is an upright, shrubby, annual branched herb that typically grows to be a little over a foot and a haft tall.
The 100 percent polyester pattern features the Botanic Garden Shrubby Peony motif in embroidery, as well as the signature Portmeirion trademark.