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Synonyms for shrivelled

Synonyms for shrivelled

(used especially of vegetation) having lost all moisture

lean and wrinkled by shrinkage as from age or illness

reduced in efficacy or vitality or intensity

References in classic literature ?
The shrivelled, yellow face, which heretofore had been no face at all, had already a thin, fantastic haze, as it were of human likeness, shifting to and fro across it; sometimes vanishing entirely, but growing more perceptible than ever with the next whiff from the pipe.
Snatching the pipe from his mouth, he flung it with all his might against the chimney, and at the same instant sank upon the floor, a medley of straw and tattered garments, with some sticks protruding from the heap, and a shrivelled pumpkin in the midst.
Thus we have made out the skeleton and entire corporosity of the scarecrow, with the exception of its head; and this was admirably supplied by a somewhat withered and shrivelled pumpkin, in which Mother Rigby cut two holes for the eyes and a slit for the mouth, leaving a bluish-colored knob in the middle to pass for a nose.
The chateau burned; the nearest trees, laid hold of by the fire, scorched and shrivelled; trees at a distance, fired by the four fierce figures, begirt the blazing edifice with a new forest of smoke.
In the grass, where Joan had been attacked, they found the little shrivelled man, still chattering and grimacing, whom Joan had ridden down.
Her plump little white legs terminating in white socks and neat shoes with shining buckles, offered a strange contrast to the long shrivelled members of her companion.
On the third day he asked Zweete how it was that his left hand was white and shrivelled, and who were Umslopogaas and Nada, of whom he had let fall some words.
WORLD CUP FRANCE 0 GERMANY 1 GERMANY secured a familiar World Cup semi-final berth with a minimum of fuss as French hopes of avenging past injustices shrivelled and died in the Maracana.
There is a shrivelled, dried-up raisin where once there was a heart.
Summary: Chicago: Even after the worst drought in a half century shrivelled crops from Ohio to ...
"I don't think it is a bulldog spirit at all, I think it is a kind of slightly shrivelled, cowering view of the world" - Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Mi nister, has no time for Euroscepticism.
We were enjoying the beautiful game as far back as the 15th century, booting a leather "ball" (remember the shrivelled leather item found in Mary Queen of Scots' roof, stuck there since 1540) around castle courtyards as if every day was the cup final.
"I truly believe that the reason I am not old and shrivelled up is because I don't have time to sit on my laurels and nod off," she added.
. If lilies for potting are shrivelled, revive in trays of moist peat.
. If lilies for potting arrive in a slightly shrivelled state, place them in seed trays of moist peat for a few days.